Red ShoesBonner Mox, Imogen’s new play for New Perspectives’ EP Company has just finished its tour, and it was lovely to see this, and the other two pieces by Saraa Rain and Alison Dunne receiving a lovely response from audiences around Notts. So from a lip-synching fox, to a singing one!

The Unfurling of Indigo Higgins hits the stage on July the 24th, 25th and 26th, in Buxton and at St Peter’s Mansfield (on the 25th). What happens when the world of fashion clashes with Ancient Magic? What price do we pay for our obsession with ‘the body-perfect’?

This brand new musical explores the notion of body-confidence and individuality. With gorgeous musical arrangements by Dan Willis, and beautiful performances by Kitty Randle, as the much put-upon ‘supermodel’ Flea, and Dan Webber as the magical Woodsman, expect a glorious feast for the eyes and ears (calorie free)!


Nothing worth doing is easy. That’s the hard truth. Running a new theatre company is tricky. There are thousands on things to juggle – everyone has at least 3 jobs and you have to be in more than once place at a time. In other words, you need to employ a bit of witchcraft. Once you have a good cauldron, a well thumbed book of spells and a crystal ball, everything falls in to place.

Note to self…

It’s clearly advisable to eat regularly when preparing to blog. If, like me, you begin your first ever contribution to this growing medium ravenously hungry, you’re asking for trouble. Just a few dodgy half-starved decisions later, and you’ve presented yourself as a deluded dim-wit, incapable of making a sensible choice on even the most basic design layout, and doubly incapable of writing anything worth reading. Why you ever thought you had something interesting to say to the world is a mystery, and the desperate desire to dig out the battered Cream Egg you know still resides somewhere at the bottom of your bag, and consume it without taking the foil off, is increasingly difficult to deny. Theatre is my passion, but currently I’d dismantle the Old Vic with my bare hands for a pitta and some taramasalata. Enough is enough: I’m off to find food, before I say something you really regret…